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Order Online

Visit our Kookies page and your fresh baked Baby Monster Kookies™ will be at your door. We may even personally deliver them locally!

Get Chocolate Chip, Baby Monster, Peanut-butter & Chocolate, and Oatmeal by the dozen.


Decadently Delicious

Nothing says home like the scent of fresh baked kookies dancing through the air bringing the family together.

Only the finest ingredients make it into our kookies. Every Baby Monster Kookie™ is soft-baked to maintain that freshly made goodness.


A Million Smiles

Helping those in need is important to Baby Monster Kookies™. Everytime you enjoy a Baby Monster Kookie™, a smile is born.

Join us in our quest to create A Million Smiles™ and bring help to the amazing people at St. Jude Children's Hospital.


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